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Perhaps you have read many books.. Each book we have read had its own value. There are over 400 pages of raw substance for one to dissect and enhance their life. We did not wish to eliminate anyone from reading this book. We have made it free for those who cannot afford it and we will allow others to donate to its worth what is affordable. You may simply pay now the twenty four ninety five of our discounted price or donate to its worth in the end. You may find as many have; The book is worth far greater than what we are asking up front. Be certain it has worth. Simply click the link and read forward allowing your integrity not to steal what you read. We so happen to believe somewhere inside every human being there is a measure of honesty to not expect anything for free.  This is only free for those who cannot afford it or of course those who begin this book with no integrity. If you read this book to its end and it has not added value to your life, we will gladly return your money. May your consious be your guide if you have one. Let us be honest: Usually when someone's fat ass has no skin in the game they do not appreciate shit and they will never receive the real benifits of life to take a risk to learn.
Perhaps far too many of us have become to expect something for nothing. Perhaps you have a measure of integrity to pay small measure of it's worth. Have we arrived at place; if we can download it, that it means it is free and not stealing to remain to no integrity, thinking something for nothing won't demish your efforts?

Perhaps you know someone who may be fake, fucked up and full of shit as you were, and you would like to send them a smile without them knowing it was you. Or maybe you love someone and feel they would benifit from this. We will gladly assist you. Not necessary but perhaps you would like to pay it forward and let them know the price has been paid. Revenge is sweet when its not yours and it benefits the other person while you check your heart  Do they have the disease of thinking something for nothing has no value and may deminish one's efforts. You will have to decide. Send them this to benefit either way.