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One Long Love Song
To Judge the Living and the Dead
(Perhaps the Walking Dead stuck in their own Judgement)
Let your mind out of its prison to cleansing to clarity with decision to find its vision.
The World of Kings and Queens, Princesses and Princes.
To grasp the world in a new light. The greatest discovery of mankind. To go where no man has gone before. Waiting for you to discover it.
Do not attempt to judge a book by its cover or to only read a few pages to judge only one's ignorance of oneself. Learn to live life to its fullest without boundaries of the trapped mind full of fear of itself. To thine own self be true to the core, one must muddle through a world full its own and of others conditioned bullshit to a perfect world of the mind, heart, soul, and body be so true. In other words;once you find yourself to the core of perfection, you will see all others not true and are fake and full of shit to the core, to admit it to the perfect world gone to full of shit, conditioned of fear of its self centered fear itself and of full of fear and judge of to and for their at the root seen perfect. Pages filled with Romance, Satire, Love and Passion, and your own Truth, Life and Death and how to Love evil to that of good. Do unto others as you wish done to yourself even when it is most difficult. Challenging that of humans and explored where no man has written in simple terms before. You will be blown away. Be certain this is not for the faint of heart or weak minds. You will be made breathless throughout to prepare you for the ending where you may be at the height of the most orgasmic eruption of your entire life. Fasten your seatbelts and try to keep breathing. Small thinkers will never have seen this coming.
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You may be judge/judged to a book inside its covers
Published FLIP BOOK, Known to be read in 
All 7 Continents & over 80 countries in less than 6 months
What every woman wishes you could read her mind about & What every man does not want to tell you that is on his mind. Fearless and thorough of views throughout the world, not only selective views of the ignorant.

The World held hostage for